Tijuana Plastic Surgery, Tijuana Plastic Surgeons, Cirujanos Plasticos Tijuana
Tijuana Plastic Surgery, Tijuana Plastic Surgeons, Cirujanos Plasticos Tijuana


Dr. Carlos Ivan Buritica.

Dr. Buritica's goal is to provide you with helpful and practical information on the benefits of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and reconstructive surgery and assist you in determining which procedures would be best for your desired goal.

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Email: qxcibg@gmail.com

tijuana plastic surgery, tijuana plastic surgeons, cirujanos plasticos tijuana


Plastic Surgery
You know you are ready for plastic surgery when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel the image does not reflect the way you see yourself. You recognize an area in which your appearance could be improved and you have a strong desire to make a change. The reasons for this change may vary. It can be to improve your confidence at work, to follow a new lifestyle that needs reinforcement, or simply to help you look as young as you feel.

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  Our Procedures
 tijuana plastic surgery Lipo Sculpture
 tijuana plastic surgery Abdominoplasty
 tijuana plastic surgery Eyelid Surgery
 tijuana plastic surgery Nose Surgery
 tijuana plastic surgery Chin Implants
 tijuana plastic surgery Rejuveness of Face and Neck
 tijuana plastic surgery Eyebrow Surgery
 tijuana plastic surgery Forehead Rejuveness
 tijuana plastic surgery Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)
 tijuana plastic surgery Round Face Treatments
 tijuana plastic surgery Breast Enlargement
 tijuana plastic surgery Breast Lift
 tijuana plastic surgery Breast Reduction
 tijuana plastic surgery Buttock Implants
 tijuana plastic surgery Calf Implants
 tijuana plastic surgery None Surgical Face Rejuvenation
 tijuana plastic surgery Postsurgical Rehabilitation

For Dr. Buritica it is a privilege to be your plastic surgeon and not alone your surgeon but the depository of your confidence, sharing this way your worries and expectations that way we can together achieve the expected results.

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